Soil Sample Analysis for
Sustainable Farm Management

Without proper soil sample analysis, farm management becomes little more than guesswork. After all, you cannot manage what you cannot measure. The problem of course - especially for Organic Farming - is knowing what to measure and then what to do about it!

For some farm systems (such as row crop vegetables and other short-term cash crops) it usually comes down to working out how much fertilizer to use. However, many farmers find it is more important to manage their soil as a fully functioning ecosystem that does more than just store moisture and nutrients.

If you have a Pasture-based operation, perennial cropping system such as an orchard or nut grove, or even some forms of agro-forestry, you will understand what I mean. The soil must provide a good environment for optimum biological activity in every season - not just when something productive is happening.

For example, I once visited an Orchard where tree growth was stunted and there was even little grass growing beneath the trees. After we got the results from our soil sample analysis, it was clear what the problem was. Years of fungicide application had caused Copper to accumulate to near toxic levels. Knowing this, it took only an application of Gypsum to help leach out much of this Copper and turn the situation around.

The important thing is to get a soil test that covers more than just pH and major nutrients. It should give you enough information to permit effective management of the physical condition of the soil, nutrient availability and biological function.

You can now access detailed soil sample analysis like this here, together with all the support and assistance you require. However, it is important to begin the process by making sure you collect a good representative sample of the soil you want analyzed. You will find more information and download your free ebook on collecting soil samples here.

A Country Dirtdoctor Sustainable Farming Soil Test can cost as little as $119.00 per sample and include everything you need for effective and sustainable soil management. Please Contact me for details of prices and ordering. For Truffle Soil Tests, please go to

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